Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm inspired...well I'm actually at work but when I get home...I'll be inspired!!

I got a wonderful Email from Penni that almost made me cry, someone listened to me and someone cared. that really means so much to me right now and I can pay it forward because thats how life is supposed to work isnt it? *well it's supposed to work that way but sometimes it doesn't*

I did work on the Mermaid last weekend and I have a face in the Oven ready to go ( I have an oven in my makeshift studio, I do have a space to work since Richard got his Mancave!) I have so many self doubts right now, that accident really took it's toll on me. I don't know about my faces but if they make me happy I suppose that's all that matters.

I don't want to sell them, I know it's crazy but right now I don't want too..I want to keep working on them and have them around me but I don't want to sell them, this is fun for me and I liked making 10 faces and squishing them and I liked making the armatures and making sure things were to scale

ohhh and I learned how to make clothes out of liquid Sculpty if you go to Morezmore's website she has web tutorials that she's found that are very helpful and fun to look it. I also learned that you can make your own eyes out of sewing pins, just put a little clay on it, color it like an eye and cover with liguid sculpty *mine turned out cloudy but you should follow the tutorial*

so tonight I'll be firing up the one head and finishing up the other while working on the mermaid *she deserves better and I'm going to give it to her after all...she's mine* wow..I've never really felt this good before it's like a black cloud has lifted

I'll post photos tonight of the progess *it helps to keep me on the straight and narrow..if I post photos its shows I'm working again*

Love you guys



  1. Hi there Marisa,
    You're on the right track dear...just don't let setbacks get you down. It's two steps forward and one back sometimes, but, you'll get there and learn from everything. It sounds like you love what you do, and that's a huge advantage.
    Big encouraging hug(( ))

  2. thanks a bunch Judy, I really appreciate it right now. I'm really having fun here and I love it..I really love it. I don't know why I put so much pressure on myself to make things to sell but now the pressures off.

    thanks again for the encouragement, it means a lot


    Marisa :)