Thursday, August 5, 2010

here is a sneak peak into my world, above is my workspace. I was able to take the entire wall of the upstairs bedroom and my friend gave me the lamps so it's really bright.
I started the other figure last night, Im not too sure about the head but when I took a good look at it the eyes were clear (apparently I had a Lucy moment and I didn't cook my eyes long enough, pretty typical of me I must say)
the Mermaid is ready for sanding and I foiled the tail last night so she's moving right along. I didn't touch the other face..too many irons in the fire. I will work on it sometime soon. too bad the photos of the new figure didn't turn out well the clay is light and I'm getting a flash back.
so what did I learn
1. bake you work for the proper length of time
2. some mistakes can be corrected
3. work on your project a little every day and you'll make some progress
Bye for now
The Divine Mrs. Stein
PS. I'm going to have to get a stool, the table is way too high for me *but I'm still grateful for it*

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