Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quick update!!

I baked the dolls yesterday but I had to run out of the house because it was 102 here! the dogs and I were dying from the humity, poor Bella collapsed on the floor with her tongue out so I threw her in the sink and gave her a much needed bath.

I took them out this morning and they look pretty good! I need to sand them down and probably put more clay on the mermaid, I found some ruby chips for eye for her *it's amazing the stuff you find lying around the house* Her tail needs to be finished and then some ears and back into the oven she goes!

the other fae will need sanding, I can't get over how clear the eyes are and thats one heck of a jaw it's got on it.

I'll post photos later, it's just too hot to work upstairs right now

Now I see why dollmakers take off during the summer! you'd get heat stroke messing around with a hot oven and it's 100 outside! talk about cat on a hot tin roof

who's got the lemonaid?

Marisa the cat!

*get it, little play on words there with cat on a hot tin roof?.... get it now? ok*


  1. I get it Marisa! I'm old enough to remember Liz Taylor movies....hope that was what you were referring to.....really aging myself aren't I?
    We had a few really hot days here, one day was 114 but we suddenly are having 90 degree weather, very unusual for this area.
    Looking forward to pics.

  2. "It's amazing the stuff you find lying around the house! it's really true! I do not know English well but I will follow you willingly and I hope to soon see the finished your mermaid! Ciao!!