Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hello Everyone
I went to the store and bought things to finish sanding the Fae,
Thanks to Judy and her wonderful tips :) the haul consists of a smoothing block (which you see below)and some sand paper which Richard picked up for his sander and gave to me .
now the stuff you see below is a new tool that I found and can use on the dolls. before I bought the drimel (sp) tool I should have looked a little bit closer at this "Peticure" that we bought and couldn't use because it scared the dogs. on the commercial the dogs and cats look so calm while you file down their claws, in real life they try to kill you to get away from the horrible noise this thing makes.
its' almost like a drimel too only bigger so if you happen to see one and don't want to buy a drimel tool pick it up instead, it'll save you some cash.
"the peticure is on the left, the drimel is in the center and the sand paper is the orange stuff"
and this is what I've done so far, you can't see the face because of the flashback and I just found out today that Im using the wrong clay.

if you plan on making figures it is suggested (it? who is this it? well basically everyone who sculpts knew this except for me..another Lucy moment?) you use prosculpt
so now I have 4 or 5 boxes of Super Sculpty...yippe
when payday roles around I'll run up to Akron and pick up some prosculpt (I sort of wondered why this was like sculpting in bubble gum, oh well.... it can be mixed with a harder clay *thank god for that*
so I'm back in business, going to work on the face tonight, after I sand down the arm an make some feet and hands for this little Fae
off to work!!
*Big Cabbage Patch kid Smile*


  1. the prosculpt is easy to work, you'll see! I used FIMO but now it really better!
    Ciao :-)

  2. Hi Marisa, Love your mermaid! Wish i could sculpt. I have to use air dry clay, have been forbidden to use oven in kitchen for fimo ever again. Can't wait to see your Fae and hear how the prosculpt works.


  3. Hi Rosaria
    I can't wait to get my hands on some prosculpt, Its invaded my dreams. in the mean time I've got to use up all the super sculpty..oh brother!


  4. I have used both but I prefer to make a blend sometimes. Thank you for your visit and note to me! I appreciate it! Smiles, P.