Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Friday!

I'd also like to say welcome to my followers, thank you for watching my blog and for those of you who don't season came early this year so we had tons of them on our porch (we aren't farmers but we do have a garden that Mr Stein likes to putter around in.) 

Now for the good news...I got rid of most of them the " person" who said we should have an apple picking party (then flaked on us so we had to pick them ourselves) got two bags of them left on her porch (I hope they rot) oh and I do have pics below,

 *I don't like her, I think she's after my husband and she's just too chummy..comes over all the time with know the type..yea I know..Im being suspicious but it's a feeling that I get when I see how she acts around him..don't worry he doesn't like her and tolerates her husband. If I could move I would.. she's a pain in the butt.*

oh and now we have watermelons to get rid of I have two bags left to make juice and apple sauceas you can see we don't have many left
just the few on the ground to gather up, (and I don't hope they rot on her porch but she just ticked me off ..sorry if that was mean)

so last weekend was a complete bust and this weekend I'll be back to work, I found some links on dressing your dolls that I'll be sharing with you when I update and I'll tell you how that canned air turned out (if your clay is mushy you can put it in the freezer for a bit or use canned air on it...I'm going to try the canned air)

so thats all the news from the country



  1. Hee hee Marisa, I have known women like that. Good thing our husbands see through them. I wish our apples were ready, we need a frost before they are any good. Sure would like one of those watermelons, to cool here to ripen melons.
    Have a great wekend.

    Victoria ♥

  2. I'd send you one but I dont think they'd be very good. the rabbits really got us this year but thats ok all god creatures have to eat. as for Miss Neighbor lady...she knows I'm on to her...need I say more :)

    have a wonderful weekend


    PS I am working today and finishing up my sculpts hehehe