Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Eat Fresh or Im making food for thanksgiving

Hi Guys,
Ive been a bit lazy with my building but I did have time to finish making mini food, I bought this at a thrift store..its pretty plain and missing the food/patio set that went with Im making the food and I have some patio furniture from a coffee shop that I made 5 years ago that Im going to add to it. take a peek below (all of this was made out of tissue paper and chalk pastels)

this is something I made from polymer clay..nachos for a magnet that I was selling at work7 years ago I don't know if I should include it because some kids little brother or sister is probably going to take a bite out of it (poly clay wont kill ya but the last thing I need is some angry mom complaining about it)

I think I can do better on the nachos....(after a 5 year hiatus I'd better be)

soooo that's what Ive been up too,

See ya next time and happy thanksgiving

Hugs Marisa :)