Saturday, June 30, 2018

June is almost over

Hello Everyone,
I hope your having a wonderful summer, I know Im vacation just work work work...I still go on buying sprees for the toy room, I got some new things and we put lights on the outside of the  building so it looks cute at night, I didn't do it Rich did with his friends (I call them the sugarcreek boys) all they talk about are donuts, gas stuff and old car parts, you'd be take a look below

Like I said I've been busy, theres a lot more in the basement
Richard is going to open that up later for people to store items and maybe do a Saturday style swap meet/garage sale..I didn't show you the model car section because I have nothing at all to do with that I don't need more to do I just do toys...that star wars tie fighter in the last photo was a steal I got it because the door was broken you can see it right on the top it's missing some guy says oh it's broken...??? so he didn't buy it...a few min later this 10 year old came up and wanted it..I sold it to him ...the other guy came back and wanted to know if I would take less for it since it was broke..I laughed and said it was sold ..people so that's what Ive been crafts no houses just scouring the yard sales and thrift stores to fill up the toy room. oh well during the winter it slows down and I can rest then
Hope you enjoy your Summer


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