Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year

Hi Guys
sorry I've been gone for a while but we had some drama at the store, upstairs in the apartments one of the tenants has a special needs child that she home schools but she doesn't keep an eye on apparently so what happened was.......

she was mopping the bathroom floor and filled the bucket up because she was mopping the kitchen too (this is a two bedroom with a fairly large living room) the little girl wanted to help and wound up dumping the bucket all over the floor in the bathroom, hallway, kitchen and the living room!

well before she could get it all up it travelled downstairs and onto the toyroom ceiling! everything plush is ruined and I had to clean everything from the wet ceiling tiles.

Im furious, I told Rich I want her to pay for the toys that I had to throw away but he says its not worth the trouble because it would make her feel bad. (Im supposed to let this go because it would hurt her feelings?  ok that's new)  if it were one of his vendors hed do it or say something but since it's my stuff it ok, I get the need to keep the peace but still.

so Ive been busy cleaning the apartments, this time hasn't been so bad some of the tenants want their cleaning dep back so they do clean their apartments one studio had 7 people living there and two of the girls were pregnant. but they did clean the place so ....

I'll get back to making minis soon I hope  and back on blogger too, I had to change the screen on this laptop 50.00 and a youtube tutorial so now Im back on line and the other laptop messed up so I fixed that and the one at the store had to be repaired so I did that and then the internet conked out Im so happy that December is over.

Happy New Year



  1. Well, the saying is true... shit happens, sorry for all the trouble and work. Here's to 2018 to become better - Happy New Year.


  2. That sounds like a load of work and a good helping of frustration. I've always found that erring on the side of kindness is the best way to go. You never know when it will be your bucket dumping, and you hope the person on the other end shares the same wisdom.

    1. Im all bluster and wind, if he had tried to go up and say something I would have stopped him. I just needed to vent but I know Im blessed so Ive let this go. :)

  3. Hello Marisa,
    I hope the new year will be better. Such a shame to lose all those toys.
    Big hug

  4. Although the extra drama wasn't good- it's GOOD to see you back again Marisa!