Saturday, March 25, 2017

Time certainly does fly

Hi Guys,
Lilly is finally free of heart worms, her last test came back negative so we are in the clear
she is losing the weight but she still thinks shes a skinny dog. like her Mom.
so while I was stressing over her and the heart worms I worked on my old trailers
 as you can see I changed the color on one and made it a beach theme with pink accessories

 the Second one I left the color as it was and changed it to a fortune tellers caravan. it was a challenge to change it up a bit but I think I did ok with it.

I like how they turned out and I stole the old pot belly stove from the roombox that I plan on redoing into something else. they kept me busy while I was busy stressing out over Lilly.  I tell her that I love her everyday. she fills the hole in my heart that was there when Lady and Honey passed away. I've had such bad luck with Animals

moving on..Im working on my detergent bottles this time and Im moving back into the family room upstairs. it's a big mess with barbies and kens and gi joes all over the place.

till next time




  1. Witaj Marisa, cieszę się że Lilly jest zdrowa! To bardzo dobra wiadomość! Przyczepa jest świetna! Jesteś bardzo kreatywna!
    Dziękuję za wizytę na moim blogu i dziękuję za komentarz :-)
    Pozdrawiam Cię serdecznie :-)

  2. When a pet is ill, it is a very helpless feeling looking into their big brown eyes and not being able to help them get better faster. Heart worms is a tough one but I am soooo Happy that Lilly is finally on the mend.
    Your gypsy and beach caravans are Really good Marisa, and I am impressed that you took on the challenge of building the two of them from scratch; I know that I could never do it- Well Done! :D

    p.s. I agree with you about not messing with a Ouja board even in miniature. My sister and I had a bad experience with one back when we were kids, and we thought it was kinda cool; Scared us all so bad that none of us have touched one since!