Monday, June 2, 2014

The Middle

Good Morning Everyone,
I have to show you a redo, remember back when I made up displays to hang on the wall and then Richard snagged them for the neighbor and I wound up making her baby stuff..I know long story short Rich had this in *my* the studio..I found it and redid it because I have entered a swap ..I need to upgrade my mini food skills..I havent touched clay since Bella passed so now is the time to get back to it..I know Im writing a book..see below and poke the photo to make them bigger

 this is the food I made my cake fell I haven't worked with decoden in so long I forgot it was so slippery  thats a redo but I fix it can almost see the loaf of bread that I made and the cream pie *cream pies are so easy to do* 

 as you can see the glue decided that it didn't want to hold..that's ok it's a redo
so that's what I've been upto was fun touching clay again I did miss it
as for The's my favorite TV show they just got extended for another season..Yahoo

Have a great week..its June..summer has begun time for a Michael Jackson song (I heard this on the radio in my car..I screamed and started dancing in my seat.good thing there wasn't a trooper around..hehe)


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