Monday, May 19, 2014

The Barn house

Good Morning Everyone,

I am almost finished with my Barnhouse, I made it from scratch (you can only cry so much and feel sad so I started pouring my pain into this project)  it's pretty painful but its not finished I still need to add trim to the eves, fix the front porch, finish the door, the shutters need work, the trim around the upstairs window needs to be done...yadda yadda

The bottom of the house has had it's second coat now I need to go back and do the top, it's shingled but it needs a roof cap (how do I know this stuff?..guess it must have seeped into my brain or something)   when it's done Rich is taking it to the store for display and then I get my kitchen table back.  I would have taken it to my "Studio" but I dont have the key yet and Rich still has stuff in it but it's coming along

I think Im going to call this house... "The Baxter"  I think he'd like that

Have a wonderful week

How about a slow Cha Cha to get the morning started :)

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