Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool

Good Morning

I was busy this weekend, we had Mom and Dad come over for an Easter Visit and I was working on my spring project as well as my Urban projects on the kitchen table ...have a look see

the stoves turned out ok!  I still need to put a few coats on paint on them but for the most part I'm pleased with how they turned out..and below you can see my washer and dryers are coming along..I still have to add a few more coats to them too

this is the inspiration...but I didn't want to do it this way so I made them front loaders

and since the other bottle was soo small I had to make these stackable washer and dryer units..they are a little smaller than they should be but that was the only way I could make them fit the standard size is 27 x 27 x 75  so I had to go with RV sized which are a bit smaller I'll probably have to use seed beads for knobs (did you know that the dollar store sells beads too? they have a whole craft section and it only costs a dollar..whoo hoo)

these are my shelves and I made a quick night stand for the bed..sorry it's blurry

these are for the front loaders I put a load of laundry inside both of them

and here is where they will live..I need to trim out around the opening but you get the idea

oh and I got the idea for the laundry unit from little froggy  hers are very cute

so that's update and two spring projects down..I'll show you what it looks like pulled together have a wonderful week..I know I will



  1. You have done great! It's going to be a wonderful wash room.
    Hugs, Drora

  2. I like your idea of the hollowed out laundry detergent bottles.

  3. It's fun watching your progress, Marisa! You're super creative! xo Jennifer

  4. Great start! they are going to be adorable ;)

  5. Can't wait to see the end result. They definitely make a cute gift. IndyPoppy

  6. Hello Marisa, Your creative ideas are always fun to watch work in progress. Look forward to seeing the finished products. Thank you for sharing. Hugs, Felma

  7. When I visited your page, I sat and was annoyed at blogger. I thought "why am I not getting your updates" oh, that was my own fault. Sorry that I first found you now.
    You are a very skilled miniature exercise. It's so exciting project you have started. I look forward to seeing more.
    Thanks for all your kind comments on my blog.

  8. Hi Marisa! I think that your stoves are turning out great! The washer and dryer are coming along very nicely too and I will love to see how the finish up! Before I began blogging I used to love to view MY FROGGY STUFF/ LITTLE FROGGY PRINCESS on Youtube! They are sooo creative with using things around the house and making them fun and exciting and in fact when I needed to learn how to braid a loaf of bread, that was the tutorial I found the most helpful! Your laundry units in laundry bottles will be fun to see and I am sure that you are having a blast making them!