Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What do you call Cheese that isn't yours?

Hello Everyone,

I was going to make Chicken, really I was but my hands had other ideas and I really wanted to make an avacado but you can't really make an avacado cane when you have just regular sculpty, it doesnt turn out well so I just made a faux avacado cane.... you can see for yourself below:

I made Tacos and Nacho Chips to go with my avacado that isn't cane..and look at scale too (playscale but hey..I've got that clay to use up so just humor me)

 I'm off to bed, Im tired and 5:00 comes really quickly

oh and what do you call Cheese that isn't yours?

 Nacho Cheese! 

Have  wonderful Night

Marisa :)

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