Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day! :)

Hello Friends

I know you're probably sick of reading all the Happy V-day posts but if you'll just bare with me a moment I promise I wont post any cutesy hearts or candy but I do have to warn the foodies out there reading this ..that you will be hungry so without any further nonsense here's what I've been up too:

ok from the top, my favorite ..Breaded Fish with chips (thanks to BBC America)  I loved making this and it's in playscale I'll probably try to go smaller for my roombox (no I'm not going to show you that yet I'm still working on it )  My Hotdogs..I love them, my Eggs and Bacon...not too crazy about them.  Waffles with Strawberrys  and the last is my 5 dollar foot long..with Chips!

Dont worry Mini fans, I'm not going back to playscale and I do have some not so good news, I didn't win but at least I made the finals so I know I'm on the right track :)  Im glad that my friend Joy won she's been working very hard on her Minis (we're all in this together right)

I've got a few more things to make to fill up my box ( I still have a little bit of my original 6 boxes of regular sculpty left)

Welcome to my new followers, I'll be going to your blogs for a visit soon :)

Have a wonderful Valentines Day

Marisa :)

P.S. don't worry I haven't forgotten about the give away :) I'll spring it on you when you least expect it


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  1. Happy V day :)

    Can't wait to see your roombox and congrats on being in the finals.