Monday, February 6, 2012

I made it to the Finals!

OMG I made it to the Finals and I can't believe they picked my art!  I can't tell you how happy I feel right now and how good this makes me feel. 

After all that I didn't even vote for myself, I voted for my friend Sonic, she's from England we're both Doctorwho/Sherlock fans so we have that in common as well as our love of clay food

 if you want to see what all the fuss is about here is a link.  :) Making Plantains Prep Board

don't worry I'm still going to do a give away and Richard made me a Roombox!  I know I was shocked too I'll post photos of it later but in the mean time you can look at photos of Mary's RoomBoxes, she makes them out of foam board.

(once Richard saw that he made me one out of the left over blue foam board from his man cave..well he cut it I had to glue it together. He was just happy that he didn't have to make it out of wood)

so that's it from my end, I'm on pin and needles waiting for the results of this contest. but whatever happens I'm happy today.

have a wonderful week



  1. Congratulations well done i am very happy for you. Wishing you all the best in the finals.
    Hugs Maria

  2. Congrats!!! Good Luck in the finals ;)

    How exciting...a room box. Is it going to be a bakery?


  3. thanks Maria and Victoria, no it's going to be a bedroom (basicly I have all the stuff for a bedroom now but eventually I'd love to make a Sweet shoppe with cakes and cookies..but no pies cause Im not a big pie fan...alright I'll make two pies but thats it!


  4. Congratulations for getting into the finals, good luck.

  5. ¡Felicidades por haber llegado a la final!...Mucha suerte! Un beso.Maria