Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone

Lets start the New Year out right, I finished those pies that I had to make, I gave her so many other things that she really didn't care about them but I felt like I left the job unfinished so I finished them (I don't really like pie Im more of a cake person)  it took about a week to finish them because they weren't coming out right so I thought about it and made them look like home made pies not store bought (which is code for I fixed my mistakes with liquid sculpty and acrylic paint)  I also made two more items for her as penance so without further adieu: 

I learned that I need more of a base with pies and since this is playscale ...they dont make bottle caps that big..well they do for jugs but you can't put plastic in the oven.  the liquid sculpty really gives it some definition and I thnk the ham turned out ok too but my favorite is the salad, I haven't made one of those before and I really liked it (I didn't waste time on making a cane for the tomatos I just turned them upside down..if you want to make a cane that big for your salad youre a better woman than I am I tell ya)

oh and the box is from a candle display that I got at the christmas swap we had this year (well it's everyyear now cause the family has gotten too big and we're too cheap to buy presents for everyone...anyone hear little peep chirping cheap cheap cheap) 

so that's it, I'm done and I only have one half box of the original sculpty left I think I'll do that challenge that DA has going on Semi Sweeties, you have to make a prep board....three weeks left?  how hard could it be?

Happy New Year and a special shout out to Victoria and Judy  and the rest of my Homies on Blogger (I've been watching Hot in Cleveland I'm only up to the Second Season though thats probably why I took so long with those pies...uh oh I've outted myself)

Hugs and Love
Marisa :)


  1. Happy New year Marisa!

    I wish you a year filled with the best of everything!
    can't wait to see your prep board :)


  2. Que fantasticos trabajos.
    Espero que en este año nuevo, se hagan realidad todos tus sueños.
    besitos ascension

  3. Your food looks great. Wishing you all the very best for 2012.
    Hugs Maria

  4. When you don't connect with a project it becomes a chore. I know all about it!! But you did a marvelous job. I love the salad too. Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best in 2012.