Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sleep in Saturday

Good Morning Sleepy Heads,

I finished my prep table!!  Yeaaaaa  *applause and mad shouting from the rooftops to follow*  I didn't know what to make then it hit me..Plantains...yep those magical fruit/veggie things from South East Asia and South America/Puerto Rico..ect al.  (alright I'll come clean I was watching a Movie and they had it in the resturant scene..go figure)

so here ya go my first Mini Prep table *yeaaaa*

so this is my first prep and I think it turned out well don't you?  it's all in mini and it's all in scale  :)  Im so proud if my little baby here.

the plate  with the green plantains, the china plate with the cooked plantains, the frying pan, spoon and condiments are all  gifts from Victoria as well as the table top..the legs were broken when it arrived but for a display it works and I'll fix it later

the knife and cutting board I made as well as the food (who else is gonna do that?)  also the newspaper is from Jims Printables  it was a big help since it was already in scale..for some reason I could never get my scale just right and now it's like I woke up and can figure it out..weird huh..oh well

wish me luck I'm going to enter it in the Semi Sweeties contest

Happy Claying(or whatever your passion is)

Marisa :)

PS. thank you Victora without this would not be possible  Big Hugs :)


  1. Big Hugs back at you :)

    Your table looks Great!!! You have come so far in the last year. I have you to Thank for my renewed intrest in clay, without your inspiration I never would have made my dolls or candles that people actually buy!


  2. We do good work don't we :)

    Love ya

  3. Gorgeous! I love the plantains! Good luck in the contest!

  4. Your prep table looks the little details!

    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog, I appreciate the encouragement...and I continue to tackle my 'mess' LOL



  5. Hi Marisa!
    I thought I was already following your blog? I signed up today as your 100th follower! Congratulations and thank you for your comment yesterday about Grandma needed a tea set. :D
    I found one I had purchased a long time ago!
    Come see. :D

  6. Yeah! You did a fantastic job on your board!!! Great job! Good luck on your contest! Mini blessings, Kim