Sunday, December 11, 2011

How about some Pecan Sticky Buns :)

Hello Everyone I hope you are well, I made some Pecan sticky buns..basicly I had a lot of pecans left from the pecan pie and I wanted to get rid of them so I google searched some recipes and up poped Pecan Cinninmon Buns (or Pecan sticky buns either way is correct I guess)  We also had a little visitor who stopped by,  He drove the Beagles nuts but he is such a nice dog..we found his owner and he's gone home on with the dog and pony show::

the top photo is the little visitor..his name is Lane and he lives up the street from us (thank goodness he back home ..the beagles don't like him) the second photo is what Pecan Cinnimon Buns really look like I always try to get a photo so I can see what I'm mind likes to play tricks on me

the last two are of my work..they're a little darker in real life, I guess the flash just lightened them up a lot and I know the Pecans are a little out of scale but the Customer wanted to see them and the Customer is always right..(mumbles something under her breath)

Im still going to work on the pies I've got a Cherry and Blue Berry in the works

Have a Wonderful Week and Merry Christmas


PS.. thank you for my E Card Judy :)   Hugs