Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Tuesday :)

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I threw my back out again so I've been sort of up and hurts to sit down so I have to lay on my stomach which means I can't do mini or playscale from the bedroom or couch (you know it's weird laying on my stomach on the sofa watching TV I haven't done that since I was a teen or tween)

but I do have some stuff for you today, I redid a few pieces that didn't sell at work and I was going to sell them to the woman who wanted to pies until I found out that she was taking them all to a nursing home so I donated them and I'll donate the country charms too since those didn't sell they'll make great Christmas gifts for the Patients.

here is some of the stuff I redid

ok I know some things are out of scale but in my defense I thought it would be ok, like the pecans..way too big but it works and my dutch apple pie could have been better.  if you look closely you'll remember the meatloaf..that's been redone with green beans (I like it better with green beans)  The pancakes used to be my mickey mouse pancake..I tore it apart, redid it to just regular pancakes (didn't know I could do that but ya learn something new everyday) 

the Pasta was a disaster the color was looked like blood spagetti so I tore it apart and made seafood Pasta,the coney dogs..remember them..I added a bowl of chili beans..the liquid sculpty went a bit wonky on me..I wish I had Fimo Deko Gel..stupid liquid sculpty!... the lady who was paid for the pies seemed to like them, I feel  good inside even though my back is killing me

have a wonderful week

 (I still have some pies to do so keep an eye out for them)

Marisa :)


  1. Nice displays.Coloring is a prob for me also. I have never worked with liquid sculpty. I have a bottle but never used it yet. Any pointers??? Cheers. LJ

  2. oh you'll love it, it's great for sauces but not too good if you want them clear like for syrups, you can use l.S. to make wings or fins for your mermaid or fairy too. mark does some great work with is his blog

  3. Me encanta tu trabajo, seguro que les encantara.
    besitos ascension

  4. Here I am a day late :)

    Hope you back gets better soon, what a drag to have to lay on your stomach. You foods are looking good!