Monday, February 7, 2011

I survived the storm!

If I hadn't you wouldn't be reading this unless ghosts can type on Blogger *did that just give you a little chill?*  BOO!  ...haha..just kidding!  so we were without power for a few days (I was actually off on Tuesday cause they were going to install our new breaker box but they couldn't cause the power started to go out)

I swear it was like a domino effect which started down the state and worked its way up!  We got ours back on Friday though...lucky for us I went shopping on Monday for groceries and stocked up * we huddled down in Richards mancave till Friday mid morning *

I tell you I've never been so happy to take a shower and eat something that wasn't microwaved!  we're luckier than most of our neighbors who don't have a generator or a mancave *think 1950's survival bunker and you wont be too far off*  

if you've ever watched the movie Tremors with Kevin Bacon , Richard is like that Charactor "Bert"  *but I do not resemble Reba Mcintire in anyway what so ever* and we do have guns but only because we lived on the farm *everyone had a rife of some sort*

moving on

remember that sculpting program I told you about...well there is a free version

it's not what I expected at all, I wasted more time playing with it than I did doing my work :(

so everyone was right, Micheal Angelo didn't use a computer program and he did just fine, I guess that's my lesson to learn today

see you wed



  1. What happened? What kind of storm? Glad you guys are ok :)

  2. yea, we're ok it was a cold front that came down from Canada through the midwest

    thanks for asking :)