Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Wed and Congrats to Rachel from Mini maid !!!

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

I've survived another storm, we got 3 - 4  inches of snow on Mon - Tues and we'll get a bit more on Friday (isn't Ohio just wonderful) I've been busy shoveling off the walk ways and did a path down the sidewalk too (boy is my back tired from that!) I know I know I shouldn't have done it needed to be done

now on to the good stuff, Rachel from Mini maid won my give away for 50 followers and it's this

it was one of the craft tutorials I did..I'm not sure if it's from "one Cheap B*itch* or  *Totally Tutorials*  but it was a great idea which I loved doing so I will be sending this off to Rachel as soon as I get her Address

what have I been up too?  well I did clean up my studio and my friend Sheri has been on me to finish up my Tron sculpt but she wants me to put a face on it and make it a person (it's nice to have friends )  so I'll post photos as soon as I get something done



  1. oops, sorry it's called Miniaturemaid!

  2. Shoveling snow is very tiring! I do not envy you!
    beautiful give away!


  3. thank you Rosaria,

    I still have that pinched nerve but that pain doesn't bother me as much if I don't walk around

    I swear Im falling apart

  4. Hi Marisa thanks for such a lovely giveaway prize i have emailed you with my address and cant wait to recieve your lovely gift thank you so much.

  5. What a lovely gift Congrats to Rachel! And congrats on your followers!

  6. some sad news, her little bun bun passed away and she's a little down right now but she said she was happy to get the prize.