Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Tuesday Everyone

Good Morning
I've been busy this weekend raking leaves and pulling air conditioners out of windows
generally getting ready for Fall.  while I was doing some cleaning I found this:

It's a doll my Grandmother made, (she passed away in 1997)  I remember it sitting on  her bed, She always let me play with it. as you can see the neck is shot (probably from me playing with it when I was little) so I'm going to have to do something about it.

Grandmother Bertie was an artist too, she painted, sculpted, made mini furniture and of course she would sew these dolls. I think all of her friends got one but they were all a little different. This one was made after she went to Brazil, she would travel south of the border for vacation and she had friends who lived there.  (what I'm trying to say is that she wasn't a socialite or well off she was just a regular person and this doll is something that she left behind for me)

I put the doll back and I thought about my life, how things aren't going the way I thought they would be but I have the strength to carry on.  I have wonderful friends who care and when I'm gone someone will look at something I made and remember me like I remember Grandma Bertie.

Welcome to my new followers and my old blogger friends, it's time for me to go to work now.

Marisa :)

P.S. I love  and miss you  Grandma....


  1. Tienes un precioso recuerdo de tu abuela, seguro que podras arreglarla, es una linda muñeca.
    Animo que todo va a ir bien.
    De momento a trabajar jejejeje
    besitos ascension

  2. I remember dolls like this. There were patterns for variations of her to cover most anything in you kitchen, my Grandma had black dolls with red dresses covering toaster, mixer, can opener ect.

    Victoria ♥ Hugs XXXOOO

  3. Hello Marisa! your doll is very nice, especially because she reminds you, your grandmother, so loved!
    I remind you that on my blog started swapping Christmas, come and see with whom you have been matched!
    know your partner swap, tries to make contact with her!
    kisses and have fun!

  4. Hi Marisa,
    I loved reading about your Grandmother. I'm so glad you re-discovered the doll, and the warm memories. I have a little yellow celluloid teddy bear my Grandmother sent me for Christmas when I was three or so. I hang it on my Christmas tree every year. Little things from the past mean so much don't they?

  5. yea, sometimes I need to stop and smell the roses but I'm really thankful for the things I do have.

    thanks guys...for being my friend and being here for me

    Love ya

    PS yes Caterina I will go see who I got to swap with thank you for allowing me to participate

  6. Hello Marisa,
    Angela are your partner for the Christmas swap cockerina.
    I did not know your blog so I take this opportunity to follow you!
    Come see me in my so I can give your address for the swap ....
    I'd also like to know what style you like the doll's house?
    a kiss

  7. Hi Angelina

    I went to your blog and was going to post but I got an email from Marlene saying she was my partner too so I guess I am doing two swaps I will go to your blog and give you my address so you can give me yours

    Marisa :)