Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Tuesday Everyone

a special Hello to my new followers,Hope you don't think I'm rude for not putting your names in this post but I do go to your Blogs and sneak a peak  :) 

 well....the good news is the Mermaid is finished I stayed up all night on Friday getting her done, I even did the tail and it wasnt strong enough so it broke off which means I'll have to make another tail but she's as done as she's going to get and it only took me 6 months? but I'm finally over the hump and I worked on the Fae while little Missy was in the oven baking!

..oh you want to see photos? well why didn't you say so here ya go

she needs a bit of sanding and I'm going to make a tail for her out of wire and maybe paperclay but she's pretty much finished. if you look at her hands you'll see that she has webbed fingers.

*Ive been watching Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea, Ponyo didn't get real hands until Sisko fell in love with her so I didn't put real hands on mine( I can do that I claim artists interpetation rights..hehehe) actually if you think about it how would merpeople get around if they had real hands? the poor things would probably swim really slow and even the Gillman had webbed hands (I've been watching a little bit of  universal's horror movies too) so thats why I did it*

 I will be working on the tail, I have the base and I bought seashells to finish it off for the display *a special thanks to Victoria and Judy for the little nudges of support which forced me to break on through with this project and the Fae which is has a totally new pose! .... thanks guys I love you Dearly!*

so all that's left is sanding, painting, hair and display..... oy vey 

at least it's happening  :)

one more little thing, I found a tutorial that's really awesome and might be helpful to some of you  it's pretty awesome.

have a wonderful day

High Fives all around!!



  1. Hi Marisa, I love the webbed fingers on your mermaid. I've yet to try it.
    Will be watching her progress!

  2. Yea Marisa! You pulled an all nighter, I used to do that. Webbed fingers is a really cool idea. Do need tiny shells, I have bunches that I have no need for. Just message me with address if you want them. Can't wait to see the tail, I love mermaid tails all glittery hee hee. You take care, hope your sinuses are behaving now.

    Victoria ♥

  3. thanks guys I couldn't have done it without you! *well I could but it probably would have taken another 6 months!* thank you for the offer Victoria I'll email you my address *thats very sweet of you I appreciate it so much*

    Tons of hugs and Kisses

    Marisa ;)

  4. oh, that was easy...I've been trying to figure out how to email you but I guess I should have just asked in the first place.

    Another Lucy Moment?