Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Update with a photo

Hi Guys

I've been very busy here, sorry that I haven't updated my blog but I have been working and I have been visiting your blogs, as you know I have entered a challenge (of course you know it's sitting there big as life on my blog)  so Ive been working on my various other projects trying to get a clean space for my urban bakery.

Ive decided that I hate that roombox I made so I'm just gonna toss it and start from scratch it caused way too many problems and I am also having problems with my computer it's shutting itself off all the time..Im tired of fooling with it..this has been going on for weeks now and I'm done!!!

 I wanted to show  you what happened to that old sofa I made for my dolls:

I didn't like the legs so I ripped them off (of the sofa not the dolls..sheesh..keep up) , I'm going to make new ones (legs) and then a coffee table ..yadda yadda yadda.. my dolls will probably get their own vinyette because they need a home.

they sort of stare at me and give me the evil eye while I'm working on other stuff cause they want a home...hey it's winter time whats one more project it's not like Im going to go outside and play in the snow.

speaking of snow I want to wear my cute boots but the snow will ruin them so I'm wearing these ugly mules..I can't get my act together enough to be cute like everyone else Im too busy worrying about falling on my butt (the train just went off the track here but stick around it gets better.)

speaking of butt I was going to tell you guys about Mr Hornypants, well he's this guy at work I can't say too much because my name is on the blog but He and Miss Blabbermouth have a thing (you know what a thing is..we're grown ups here)

 there is  drama going on..its like Peyton Place except these two don't look like Brad and Angie..(I could be catty but I'll just let it go plus Ruth knows the whole story..I've been giving updates of Hornyblab2013 it's quite couldn't make stuff like this up!)

 anyway thats what I've been up to..drama at work(hornyblab), drama with nature (snow) drama with fashion (stilleto boots in a snowstorm? sure you look cute but one icy rock and Here comes the BOOM!...yea Im Jealous) and drama with dolls/roombox..way too much drama

*Day Dream..this is not real *

Me: "walking in cute boots in parking lot..slips and breaks leg"  Owwwie
ER Nurse:  so how did this happen?
Me: I wanted to wear my cute boots and I slipped
ER Nurse:  well you've broken your leg and we'll have to cut off your boot
ER Nurse:  dont worry, your other boot looks cute and you get to wear this neat cast
Me: oh..ok "smiles"

I think I'll just wear the mules.

I'll be back later with more stuff...promise

Love Marisa


  1. Espero ver tus nuevos proyectos muy pronto.
    Una divertida escena:))
    besitos ascension

  2. You know that from now on we expect a regular Mr. Hornypants and Miss Blabbermouth update!

    1. ok but it will have to be when I go home, if they read my blog at work I'm a dead woman!

  3. oh my goodness you crack me up! I want to wear cute boots and I probably would even in the snow- but alas...I am short and chubby and those cute boots make me look as if someone chopped me off at the knees!!! I am also with AM- I think there should be updates on Hornypants and Blabbermouth. Everyone loves a good drama :)

    1. I'd wear them but I fall so for the sake of my HMO I stick to flats

      I'll do some updates with hornyblab, they really are charactors

  4. Hi Marisa, don't let Hornypants and Blabbermouth distract you too much from your mini-hobby :D

  5. So you pulled the legs off the dolls, put mules on the legs that still had feet attached, wore stiletto heels in the snow, and you want all of your followers to call Mr Hornypants to carry you everywhere (like that scene in Officer and a Gentleman where you know who is carried out by you know who). Have we got it right?

    (You know I'm kidding right? I loved your post)

    Cheers, Neen

    1. OMG that would make some story wouldn't it :)

  6. You make me laugh, Marisa! How about using Barbie and Ken to act out the drama at work? You could take photos and put them on the blog, so we could all understand the story. ;-) xo Jennifer

  7. Hello Marisa,
    That's the juiciest bit of information I've read in a while. i hope you'll keep us up to date with the drama.
    Sorry the roombox did not work out but I'm glad you decided to just start from srcratch. I look forard to your next post.
    big hug,

    1. thanks Giac, I'll keep you guys up to speed :)

  8. Marissa, I have a smashing idea! Lets write up the tales of Mr. H and Ms. B and release them as a serial Novel. That's how Dickens wrote his book ya know...just sayin' we could take a cue from worse people...
    Love Ruth

    1. I dont even want to go down that Bow Chicka Wow Wow 80's pron road with either one of those two jokers..but writing a story about them would be cool :)

  9. How did I miss THIS post? TOO funny, Marissa!

    You know what I hate about winter? Having to walk to the train like a GEISHA --teeny, quick, mincing steps--so you don't slip and fall flat on your tush.