Thursday, July 5, 2012

Das Boot (The Boat)

Happy Thursday Everyone

I've been busy working on the boat this week and I have a few photos of my progress it's almost done now I have to work on the part that holds the gun (I dont know what it's called it's a big gun thing on the ship if you want to see it just google uss misouri in HA)

now on to the fun you can see this is where I used cardboard to strengthen it, my pieces are cut out...

You can see how Im gluing it together , that white thing is something my friend at work gave me cause she thought I would be able to use it and I did

now if you look closely you can see I put in rivets on the green paper, I think it turned out ok and Dad didnt put any rivets on the LCM boat but I'll ty to fix that

More rivets and Im working my way to the deck, I double glued everything and I think I'm going to cover it with modge podge or a glue n water wash so the rivets show up a bit more Im also going to age it a bit (rust never sleeps and this is a sea going vessel, see what you learn when you research..well I completely forgot the name of the gun thing but who cares I not going to be doing this forever)

here it is being held together with tape

ok its done, I glued the top piece down and it's ready for the second section with the gun turrent (sp) trust me I know what Im doing I'm a professional?  I figured out how to make the railing too but I didnt' take photos I'm going to use stir sticks and some toothpicks, trust me I know what I'm doing


so that's all this week, I've got to get started on the railing, the wood deck and the turrent then comes the supplies (LCM's are support vehicles and they did drop off supplies to the destroyers) then I've got to do the men  (oh god what have I gotten myself into now)

see ya later


  1. Marisa, this is so cool! I used to do projects like this as a wee, little lad, lol! Thanks for the memories!


  2. Repeat after me...I am a professional LOL. You are really getting after this one, do I see some dolls coming? I just got my doll book, Awesome.


  3. Yes Victoria there are going to be dolls soon Im glad you got your book too, I've read mine from cover to cover..maybe we can have a doll competition to inspire us :), yes Chelle I'm busy but I want to get this done and John I think I'd have more fun with my roombox that I'm not working on

    Love you guys
    Marisa :)

  4. wow- moving along great! I am so interested in watching you work on this because it's a little bit similar to my Steampunk House project:)

  5. I love your posts lol They always make me smile. Looking forward to seeing more of this project :)
    Hugs Maria

  6. Estoy deseando ver los avances de este fantastico proyecto.
    besitos ascension

  7. Cannot wait to see what the boat looks like when finished. Have fun. And go back to my blog and leave a comment for the giveaway!
    Many hugs, conny

  8. Hi Marisa!!!! Thank you so much for fixing my formatting problem! You're totally awesome!!!! xo Jennifer