Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Tuesday Ya'll

Yes I've been watching Paula Dean again but mostly I've been getting back into the studio (My God what a mess I don't see how I could even work in there much less make stuff)  but I've been doing busy work like setting up little displays and I finally figured out what to do about my roombox ( I really should have started on a shadowbox its much smaller and easier to do.  live and learn right?

so anyway the packages are sent and I've been playing with fruit, I finally figured out that I might need to mix color into my clay and then dust it with chalk this is just an experiment cause even after a year I'm still learning about what this stuff actually is capable of and I've got two more blocks to go of old walmart sculpty (I should probably break down and buy some colored sculpty but that would be taking the easy way out I can color it myself ..I've been reading on my down time too..I's smart now)

so here are the packages :  for the give away they've gone on their way to their new owners, hopefully they'll be displayed in someones shadowbox/roombox or dollhouse  :)

this is a jewelry box that I covered with bread for my friend at work, I think I should have added a bit more  she likes shabby chic, I should have painted it but she likes blue so..why paint?

and this is my test fruit, not too good but I've done worse plus Im just getting back into the swing of things, I'll show you more when I redo this piece (i show my failures and my successes, keeps me honest)

 so that's all from the old homestead, I hope you have been keepng busy..I know I haven't but I think it's a good thing

 I'm off to bed, Ive been listening to the Hunger Games on audio book while I sleep..well before I fall asleep it's nice to have someone to read to you dont you think? 

have a wonderful tomorrow

Marisa :)


  1. I could stay here all night and listen to Nora Jones :) Audio books are Awesome. Glad you are back in the studio.


  2. thanks I hope your wrist is better , it's like we're the walking wounded of the mini world :)

    Have a wonderful day
    Marisa :)

  3. Has hecho un buen trabajo, enhorabuena.
    besitos ascension

  4. Hello,
    I think you're right to color your own clay. It will add a lot of realism to your pieces. Glad you're back to in the studio. They may not be perfect...yet...but I tthink your fruit is off to a very promising start...can't wait to see more.
    Have a great day,

  5. Hi Marisa,
    Thanks for leaving your kind comments on my blog. If you're interested in more of Paula Deen, and in this case her furniture and not her cooking, you might want to check out this link, and the downloads.
    It's for her furniture line. I had the pleasure of walking the furniture showroom at Universal Furniture last month, they represent the Paula Deen Furniture line, and it had to be the most inspiration showroom I have ever walked. Considering I'm a furniture buyer in my day job, I've walked a few furniture showrooms in my career. Hope the catalogs inspire you the way the real showroom inspired me. And again thanks for your kind comments, hope the links help. I downloaded all of them myself and had no issues with the links.