Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Tutorial for you

Hi guys

ok so I found this tutorial on snowfern-clover ' s blog  the Tutorial
 is in Japanese but if you click on the writing on the left hand side you can see the
tutorial on the right hand side

I think what she is using is Air Dry Clay but if you are clever *and some of you are very very clever*  you can adapt it to Polymer Clay. she also did some fork and spoon tutorials which are quite clever

I'm still in mourning today, not as bad as yesterday so I might go home and do some work I have to make more mini foods for the cancer walk on the 7th , we are having a sale in the lunch room and all the proceeds go to the cancer walk so I've got to get busy


PS I still can't post on some blogs and I can on others I wish blogger would fix this, I can't even respond on my own blog :(


  1. Gracias por el enlace, son unos tutoriales fantasticos.
    besitos ascension

  2. I just read your post from yesterday (((HUG))).