Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I sold out :)

I took my mini food into to work  for the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk and it all sold ..I didn't plan on selling it all at work I thought I might get a few people and the rest we could take to the walk and sell there but...I sold out..everything is gone.

well except for a couple that I gave to friends, one for her birthday and another because she is a 2 time breast cancer survivor.  there were a couple that I would have liked to give my work too but they weren't here this year.  I remember them

I think my next cause is going to be my local animal shelter, Bella was a rescue and they always need help so I think I'm going to make a few things and see if I can help them out too.

I might not get rich doing this but at least I'm giving back and it makes me feel good

have a wonderful day


PS:  Im going to make a proper chicken plate this time  :)