Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I know I promised you Chicken but.......

I was busy making Johnny Cakes..everyone was making these cute little pancakes so I reached back in time to my grandmas house on sunday she used to make these and you'd have them with maple syrup or Karo ..I dont think it's that healthy for you but it can't be any worse than pancakes right?  here you go:

a nice critic said I should texture my food a bit more so I textured the heck out of these poor little cakes, this is regular sculpty with acrylic paint and artist chalk (I'm so happy to be able to say that cause I really do have artist chalk ..YEA!!!)

so that's it for tonight have a wonderful tomorrow...stay tuned for Chicken..

Marisa :) 

PS the first photo had 4 johnny cakes but that was way too many so I cut it down to two, it looked better after I did that.


  1. Cute Johnny cakes :) I am sculpting a werewolf LOL, he looks more like my dog than a wolf heehee.

    Have a Wonderful Tomorrow

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  3. that's great news Victoria, I can't wait to see it

    Hi Marijke, I'll take a peek right now :)

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