Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Soup and the Day with Cheese and Crackers

Hello Everyone,

I was stressed out from work so I came home and made soup, cheese and crackers (I didn't want to make square crackers because I like Ritz so I did mine with Ritz Crackers and I even made a little knife cause I like making knifes..yea I know thats a bit strange)

the last one is a bit blurry

my crackers look a little like tomato's but they're crackers they look more orange and Ritzy in person (yea I know all mini food artist say that) my split pea soup looks a bit past its prime too so chow down at your own risk , it's 9:00 here and I'm beat to dream land for this little one... Pleasant Dreams my friends and have a wonderful tomorrow

Peace and Love

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