Thursday, December 30, 2010

W.I.P. Wed (on Thurs), The Xmas Swap and The Kabuki Base

Good Morning Everyone,

Here are the photos of my new WIP, see if you can figure it out!  This is going to be a fun sculpt for me because I'm going to follow the rules *well at least my notes and instructions like I should have done before*

next I will use my dirty clay *which is the regular sculpty that I had laying around* and bake it into a pose I have the base all set up.  this is going to be fun!!

so on to the Mini Christmas swap, I got this lovely mini set from Angela that I love  love love all the way from Italy!!  I can't stop playing with it and I just sit and look at it

here it is, it's got a little box of ornaments, a toy, a tiny christmas tree, a napkin holder (which I was playing with) Thank you so much Angela I love everything and I will definately use it in my doll house *when I buy's not in the budget right now our heating bill was 250.00 dollars....yea thats another story*

the Kabuki is on her base, I need to add Leaves but I was still playing around with her paint and I don't like how it turned out so I'm going to change it, I swear it's like curtains the more you fiddle with them the worse they get.  here it is:

so this is it, I made her a wand as you can see and her sleeves are very long but that is how they are supposed to be, I'm hating the Obi which is her belt I'm going to change that and then change her make up but I wasn't lying she does have a nose *remember this is done in regular sculpt which is like trying to sculpt in bubble gum I wouldn't advise it*

so thats all the news thats fit to print..well except we have freezing rain here today and I spun out once getting to work but I'm ok

Hope your Holidays were happy,



  1. Happy new Year Marisa! May 2011 be better than 2010. Why do we have battles with our projects? I have repainted the walls in my new doll house 3 times this week and am still not happy. What is the new doll you have started? I hear you on the heating bill, it is 3 below here and we are going through coal and wood like you wouldn't believe. Safe driving tomorrow girl. HUGS :)

    Victoria ♥

  2. Hello Marisa, I'm glad you liked my swap for you ....
    will be an honor for me to see my items in the future in your dollhouse ....
    I wish you a year full of emotions and that it will grant your every wish (perhaps a beautiful house ....)
    Happy New Year

  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Guys!!

    the new doll is Tron Doll that I'm working on for a little boy.
    will you post photos of your walls Victora? Hugs to you my friend.

    I'm still on the look out for a cheap doll house *it has to be cheap cause I'm spending my money on a heating bill!!*

    I hope this year is better than last year Angela cause last year was definately difficult for me..but live and learn huh

    Marisa :)