Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No Silence of the Lamb Kabobs

Hello Friends

I know I was supposed to start that prep table but I wanted to make up a little something for the guard who overpaid me so I made this:

so I made this steak and potato with salad and bread on the side as a Thank you for buying from me and over paying me..guess I shouldn't care but I do and now we're even steven...(plus I wanted to show you what they look like on the fridge..heheheh..I know I'm a bit devious) I'm still going to do that Kabob's or was it Egg plant?  prep board..I've got two days left.

 Im off to bed


1 comment:

  1. Two sweat :)

    You are really getting good with your food. I can't wait to see your prep board.