Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hello Sweetie

Professor River Song would say that to the Doctor (I'm a big Doctorwho Fan too) so this is an early WIP  Wed, Lorelie is finished and painted but she needs a bra of some sort (thats the fun part, dressing her up and I'm also woking on her tail, someone dropped some green wrapping paper into my hot little hands and instead of using film I'm going for a paper tail that will be attached with glue and more glitter (that crap goes everywhere doesn't it, I have some in my eye right now and it hurts like the dickens)
this is Lorelie's old tail, I'll probably keep it and use it for something's going into the bin

and here is her new tail that will have to dry over night and then be attached

this is just the start of it, I didn't take a photo of what it looks like now because tomorrow will be the unveiling *it's drying*

so tomorrow we have dressing, display stand and Lorelei will be finished, then it's on to the Geisha Fae  and finally the wee beastie challenge *thats the werewolf*  so things are moving right along *about damn time too if I do say so myself*

so I'm off to beddy by cause 5:00 comes much too soon

I'm ok, after everything that's happened this weekend...I'm ok

Have a wonderful night

Marisa  :)

P.S. Thank you Victoria, you're a real pal   **HUGS**


  1. I loVE Lorelie!!! her hair RockS, thank god you didn't use any of that crap I mailed you.I love her webbed fingers. And yes glitter gets every where, Annie always has glitter in her tail, but we are starkly folk. i think your first try is very good, now hubby tells me I can bake fimo in a crock pot, have you ever heard of that? I said buy oven so he had to think of something. Gotta computer shop now before this thing blow up. Remember I am an email away. Hugs girl.

    Victoria ♥

  2. maybe he means convection oven like this

    this is actually the cheapest I've seen them but you can try walmart too sometimes you can catch a deal there and kmart now has lay away

    as for that crap you gave me I love it and I'm going to use it soon you silly goose

    thank you so much, your friendship means a lot to me

    Marisa :)

  3. Hi there! I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog. Mosey on by anytime :) Lorelie is enchanting! I can't wait to see your finished piece :)


  4. No Marisa. he means use a crock pot we already have so we don't buy one. Hope things are better.

    Victoria ♥ ((( Hugs )))