Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Friday

Well I made it to work unscathed, I hate tailgaters..I just slow down if they get behind me which I probbly shouldn't do. but who cares. it's very hot here today and I was too tired to work on my dolls but at least I got the armatures ready and I did download screen shots of Faye Wray so I'll be using her face as inspiration.

I know that if I allow my mind to see what a person looks like instead of using the actual photo as a guide I tend to go a little heavy with the clay lips and eyes...not good. so to rein myself in I have these photos to work from. hopefully this will make me a better artist

I think what really upsets me is that we had an agreement that since I need to work on my art he would make dinner but that fell by the wayside and I had to make dinner last night. I don't like this and I really need support since I did support him or do support his music.

it just seems selfish to me but I do have this weekend to get caught up. I wont rush though them though like I did with the mermaid (poor little thing looks just awful, I've got to fix her up)

time to start working

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