Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Merry Christmas Everyone

 Hello Guys

Im super busy with things at the store, we are closing and Rich is going to rename it along with making some remodeling that the store desperately needs. personally I think hes trying to keep up with Big Mike (who goes way over the top with his stuff) but dont worry I still get to keep the toy room and Ive been told by Rich not to buy childish toys???  (I dont think Ill any attention to him Im going to buy what I please and do what I want..the cat does it so can I)..I finished up the Meyers House and Im still working on the Bates should be ready soon ...the Meyers House is below..I didnt put in interrior walls or a staircase..  I dont want it sold so I think those things will keep it around for a while..I may have to do it anyway if Rich gets a bee in his bonnet

its pretty much finished just a few things like the no tresspassing sign and the for sale sign are not up..Oh what a labor of love this was..there are more things I could do to it but like I said I want to keep it around for a while.  I was just making these mock ups to fill the empty space but Ive come to like them.  Ive changed the Bates Mansion 6 times already I keep tearing things out and putting it back together..Im redoing the front door and side windows.

just doing a little at a time, My Mother in Law passed away this Nov so it was difficult to get motived..she was the only mother I had for the past 27 own mother has dementia and doesnt even remember me. now Im all alone.  I have my blue days but Im sure others do too.  anway I wish you all happiness and joy this season.  see you next month :) 




  1. Merry Christmas!
    Best wishes from Britt

  2. Hi Marisa. I am sorry to hear about both your mother and mother in law. That is truly awful so sending hugs. I hope that despite that, you find so e joy in your Christmas, and it’s great that you have your minis to work on. Keep busy and take care. X

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your Mother-in-law... and about your own mother... my best wishes to you, above all strength.

    I can truly understand why you don't want that house to attract any buyers but I fear your concept won't work for long as this house is stunning! Merry Christmas to you and yours!